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Christine Collins, Facility Administrator
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It is an unfortunate fact that renal failure is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Many diseases damage the kidneys, impairing their ability to filter waste effectively and ultimately producing a life-threatening situation. Renal dialysis is a medical modality utilized to filter waste products from the body when the kidneys are not functioning properly. Chronic dialysis is necessary for patients with irreversible kidney damage, while acute dialysis is often used to counteract overdoses and treat those whose kidney function has been impaired by trauma.

DaVita Hallandale Dialysis is located in Hallandale at 2655 Hollywood Boulevard, phone (954) 925-9909. DaVita South Florida Dialysis is located in Hollywood at 1 Oakwood Boulevard, Suite 100, phone (954) 894-7500. They are well-known to local dialysis patients and highly respected throughout the area. Their caring, professional staff is highly trained in chronic dialysis procedures. They also counsel patients on appropriate dietary and fluid restrictions, helping them to better understand their illness while taking an active part in their own care.

If you or a loved one has been told that dialysis may be required, or has been referred to a dialysis treatment facility, you are invited to contact DaVita Hallandale Dialysis or DaVita South Florida Dialysis. They will gladly answer your questions and do everything possible to make the transition easier for you.

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DaVita Hallandale Dialysis &
DaVita South Florida Dialysis
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