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A sudden injury or accident may have unexpected long-term effects. Often, such an event is through no or little fault of the injured party. These individuals may incur high medical bills as well as the added financial burden of loss of income due to extended time away from their jobs.

The law office of Gerald A. Dienst, located in Toms River at 1861 Hooper Avenue, next to Motor Vehicle Services, phone (732) 255-1111, is fully experienced in dealing with all phases of personal injury, wrongful death and Workers’ Compensation cases. This professional is altogether familiar with all aspects of local and state laws regarding injury cases. He offers a free initial consultation to enable you to clearly understand your legal options and to help him determine the best possible procedures for your individual circumstances. Gerald A. Dienst handles personal injury, wrongful death and Workers’ Compensation cases on a contingent or percentage fee basis, meaning that if he is unable to recover damages for you, there is no charge for his services.

When you are accidentally injured, not knowing your legal rights can be just as devastating as the injury itself, especially in the first few days. If you or a loved one have been injured by a fall, an auto accident or a work-related accident, Gerald A. Dienst invites your inquiries. He is available to provide professional legal services and counseling to help ease the financial burden of an unexpected injury. He can also appear on traffic summons and other hearings, can handle wills and estate matters and can provide representation for house closings.

Gerald A. Dienst, Attorney At Law
1861 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, NJ

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