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Continental Tax & Accounting Services

Taking advantage of getting money back at the end of the year is a prime focus. This being the case, when it’s time to consider taxes, it’s time to contact Continental Tax & Accounting Services. These experts provide a year-round tax service for individuals and small businesses clients.

Continental Tax & Accounting Services is located in Fayetteville at 2207 Bragg Boulevard, and can be reached by phone at (910) 483-7893 or at (910) 323-0890. With over 24 years of financial experience, their continuing education keeps them updated on ever-changing tax laws and tax forms. They are available to handle the simplest to the most complex returns quickly and accurately. They are familiar with valid tax deductions which may not occur to many individuals or business owners. Their confidential services include amendments to previous years’ returns, in-state and out-of-state returns, and electronic filing. In addition, they can assist businesses and individuals with planning for estimated quarterly taxes and provide the proper forms. Besides taxes, they can also assist you with your payroll, bookkeeping services and more. When it’s time to grit your teeth and get it over with, go to Continental Tax & Accounting Services today or call them for an appointment.

With their experience in tax return preparation and deductions, their personalized and confidential attention, and their reasonable rates, it may not be as painful as you fear.

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Continental Tax & Accounting Services
2207 Bragg Blvd.
Fayetteville, NC 28303

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